Advanced Password Manager Download Latest Version

In regards to items that could mess up your day, losing a significant password or merchandise essential certainly qualifies. You might wind up not able to get your account or trigger applications if you don't discover a specialized utility which is able to enable you to recover your data.

Advanced Password Manager is a somewhat lightweight app which can find and delete identity traces from the pc after saving them into an encrypted vault secured by one password.

Advanced Password Manager Download Latest Version

Key Features include:

  • One password to unlock all your accounts. 
  • Saves your time by auto-filling forms.
  • Deletes all potential security traces.
  • Automatically sync your saved details across browsers.

With Advanced Password Manager installed, you can protect all manner of different types of data, including your passwords, auto-fill login credentials, securely save your online accounts, sync passwords, credit card details and more. You can even generate strong passwords as well.

The program securely protects your personal and financial advice so you could unlock them with your master key. With several passwords and login information to bear in mind nowadays, with email, social networking websites, blogs, forums etc., it can get hard to keep track of all of them. This is the point where the propensity to use the exact same password for many of your accounts is secure and dangerous, because if a person gets the password, then all of your accounts may be hacked with no notice.

In general, Advanced Password Manager isn't so bad a remedy to secure your electronic life. The port isn't so intuitive and there are a couple annoying popup windows that look for toll-free service numbers to predict. Aside from that, the fundamental design is fine, and it does not consume considerable amounts of system resources.

How Can Advanced Password Manager Function?

Advanced Password Manager is a tool that will assist you to arrange your passwords in 1 vault across browsers. You need to load these passwords just once and lock them securely with a master key. So you simply need to try to remember the master key that you made.

How can someone steal your identity?


Someone can obtain access to some private info in your own browsers without your knowledge. This will place your personal info in danger.


A person can easily hack your passwords and can then attempt to access your financial and email accounts to impersonate you.

Credit Card details

Someone could pretend to be you and may use your credit card information. This will place your assets along with other private information in danger.

Social Security No

A person who stole your identity can destroy your reputation, family, and finances, leaving you responsible for damages brought on by the theft.

How Secure is Advanced Password Manager?

Advanced Password Manager allows you to create a master password for all your accounts. This master password is known for you rather than anybody else. We do not understand it because it's encrypted on our servers. Using its own browser add-on set up, auto-filling website credentials is extremely straightforward.

What makes it secure?

AES-256 encryption: A threat to hackers!Online browser sync: Sync your personal information across all browsers.One master key: Your Master password is the key. Only you know it.PC/Mac Scan: Scan & clean all security traces from your PC or Mac.

Information about Advanced Password Manager
  • Title: Advanced Password Manager
  • Filename: apmsetupsite.exe
  • File size: 6.33MB
  • Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • License: Commercial Demo
  • Author: Advanced Password Manager

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