Zemana Antilogger Download

Zemana Antilogger Download - You have secured your PC against viruses and malware, installed powerful firewalls, and otherwise done everything you can to safeguard your information and your privacy. Help can be found in the shape of anti-keylogging tools such as Zemana's AntiLogger, which is currently offered as an easy-to-use freeware variant for home users. AntiLogger Free finds and foils real efforts to hack into your system and track your actions. Unlike a lot of security programs, it works with your antivirus solution, not contrary to it.

Zemana Antilogger Download

AntiLogger Free's user interface is extremely straightforward, list only one installed module, Keyboard Protection, using a sliding On button suggesting that security is busy. A system tray icon opens the port when it is minimized, which can be the majority of the time. There is no Help button, but clicking on the Feedback or Bug Report links opened the programmer's site.

AntiLogger Free automatically checks for upgrades but enables you to choose if, when, and how to set them from the app's Settings, which also configures fundamental alternatives and proxy links (if needed). You do not need to do anything to utilize AntiLogger Free, unless it finds suspicious activity. Unlike standard anti-malware tools which scan your system predicated on an updated definition, AntiLogger Free assesses your system's behaviour and shuts down any questionable activity it finds, concurrently issuing a notification which allows you Allow or Block the action. If you are lucky, you won't receive an alarm, but it does not mean AntiLogger Free is not doing its job. The program's Web site reveals what the alarms you hope you do not get seem like, together with info about what the application does and how it does it.

AntiLogger Free is simple to use, mild on resources, and addresses a massive vulnerability affecting countless consumers. It is absolutely free, so try it on yourself. You may be happy you did, that sure beats being sorry you did not!

Zemana AntiLogger Features:

Secure SSL
Makes it possible that your credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials are sent securely departing attackers power-less.

Keystroke Logging Protection
Zemana AntiLogger permits you to camouflage your everyday online activities-shopping, phoning, calling, online banking and much more, so intruders may not receive a choice into it.

Real Time Protection
Works always in the background penalizing infections before they reach your PC in real time.

Browser Cleanup
Eliminating annoying browser add-on's; adware, undesirable programs and tool bars that you don't even understand how they seemed there.

Cloud Scanning
Lightweight and effective online service which finds malicious files and also hidden procedures which could be slipping on your PC.

Pandora Sandbox
Each unknown file is going to be examined closely in the cloud using Pandora Technology until they implement in your own PC so any zero-day malware is power-less here!

Ransomware Protection
Would you wish to see your information encrypted with ransomware? Definitely no. Utilize the very best ransomware protection from the marketplace as based on MRG Effitas and construct your defense mechanisms.

Note: 15 days trial version.
Software Information
Latest Version Zemana AntiLogger
Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product Zemana Ltd. / Zemana AntiLogger
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