Download Smart Defrag 2018 Latest

Download Smart Defrag 2018 Latest - Smart Defrag is a FREE, light, and secure disk defragment tool made for maximum hard disk functionality. According to IObit latest disk lookup motor and "Boot Time Disk Defrag" technologies, Smart Defrag isn't merely supplying defragmentation, like every normal disc defragmenter can perform, but also intelligently streamlines your documents based on utilizing frequency, thus quickening disc rate for faster data access!

Download Smart Defrag 2018 Latest

Together with the specific Deep Analyze technologies, it smartly clean junk files prior to defragmentation to store more disk space for you. Being the very first Disk Defragmenter that completely supports Windows 8/8.1 Metro Apps, Smart Defrag operates quickly, automatically and softly in the background and is a disc defragmenter acceptable for big hard drives.

Smart Defrag Features:

Greater File Access Speed

Disk fragmentation is usually the most important source of slow and shaky computer functionality. To be able to accelerate your hard disk drive for quicker data access and outstanding disk functionality, Smart Defrag 5 supplies efficient defragmentation technologies to hard drives and SSD utilizes multi-threading defragging whilst also consolidating free space and defragging massive files. Then you may enjoy quicker game launch rate, copy documents in half of the time, etc..

As much as 100% Faster PC Startup

Particular boot files from the system disc aren't permitted to be transferred safely while Windows is running, which induces a much slower and slower method startup. The Boot-time Defrag characteristic of Smart Defrag 5 can easily do that task for you, it can help you safely synchronize files on HDD. What's more, utilizing a characteristic particular to IObit, it lets you personalize defrag specified files through system increase. You then can enjoy a faster PC startup and best running route on your own PC with the most stability.

Safe & Automatic Disk Defrag

Smart Defrag 5 isn't simply supplying disk defragmentation as another instrument does, but additionally optimizes it by intelligently streamlining your documents according to using frequency. With IObit most recent disk lookup engine, it's equally as secure for your documents as utilizing Windows. And you only have to set up & forget it. Smart Defrag 5 will automatically do the job for you without the information lost.
Software Information
Latest Version Smart Defrag 5.7.1 Build 1150
Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product IObit Lab / Smart Defrag
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