Download Slimjet 2018 Latest Version

Download Slimjet 2018 Latest Version - Slimjet is an alternate Web browser built on precisely the exact same platform as Google Chrome, but with additional functionality and customization. With this program, you may enjoy the pace and the familiarity of Chrome while additionally fine-tuning your surfing experience to your own special needs.

Download Slimjet 2018 Latest Version

Slimjet is a quick, smart and effective web browser depending on the Blink engine. It's developed on top of this Chromium open source project, where Google chrome can be located. Slimjet incorporates a good deal of convenient and powerful features to help users optimize their internet productivity. Slimjet also has many options and settings so that consumers may personalize the browser to best match their own private preference.

Speedy and Efficient

Quicker browser startup, faster page loading, exceptionally responsive UI powered by industry-leading Blink engine.

Safe and Stable

Automatic protection against malware and adware, innovative privacy control choices, strong multi-process architecture.

Strong and Versatile

Packed with handy and powerful features, Slimjet does more for each user without relying on outside plugins.

Adaptive and customizable

Flexible choices and settings are accessible to personalize Slimjet to match personal taste and optimize productivity.


Form Filler: One of the greatest added features of this browser is that the Quick Fill Form Filler, that extends over and beyond the Chrome's password, supervisor to incorporate all sorts of data input into different form fields. With this tool, you can finish all sorts of online forms with only a couple clicks, and you won't ever need to be concerned about typing out exactly the exact same info over and over again.

Chrome compatibility: This browser supports all of the extensions created to operate with Chrome, which means you are always going to have access to all or any applications you have used previously. It is also possible to log into a Google account to sync with all of your Chrome bookmarks along with other information, which enables you to return to browsing without missing a beat.


Uneven loading: We did experience a few difficulties with page loading times through testing. When it functioned easily, Slimjet had loading times directly consistent with the ones of Chrome, but it did have a few substantial slowdowns too.

Bottom Line

Slimjet is a well-designed and well-executed choice browser. Anyone who enjoys Chrome will appreciate the surfing experience it provides in addition to the extra features it incorporates. Additionally, it is totally free, so there is no reason to not choose it for a test drive to find out what you believe. Download Slimjet 2018 Latest Version.

Slimjet Major Features:

  • Kill Annoying Ads with Ad Blocker
  • Turbocharged Download Manager
  • QuickFill Intelligent Form Filler
  • Fully-customizable Toolbar
  • Suitable Facebook Integration
  • Youtube Video Downloader
  • Photo Enhancement & Photo Framing
  • Immediate Photo Upload
  • Weather Condition & Weather Forecast
  • URL Alias Support in Omnibox
  • Extensive Support for Plugins and Themes
  • Customizable New Tab Page
  • Adaptive Web Page Translation
  • Adaptive Options and Settings
  • Auto refresh web page
  • Improved autofill from predefined identity Details
  • Bookmarks side panel
  • Instantly switch search engine
  • Save page screenshot
  • Flexible Tab Behavior Control
  • Cease all gif animations
  • Allow mixed-mode http/https articles
  • Option to disable background telling
  • Upload clipboard picture
Software Information
Latest Version Slimjet
Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product FlashPeak Inc. / Slimjet
Slimjet 2018 Latest Version Link Installer
Windows Offline Installer 32-bit | Download
Windows Portable 32-bit | Download
Windows Offline Installer 64-bit | Download
Windows Portable 64-bit | Download

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