Download Simple x264/x265 Launcher 2018 Latest

Graphical User Interface for encoding, multimedia Documents Together with the x264 H.264 and x265 HEVC video encoder, while offering support for batch processing along with a rich suite of configuration settings

Simple x264/x265 Launcher stands to get an intuitive GUI which helps you establish the x264 H.264 and x265 HEVC movie encoder. The program may be used on 64-bit variants of encoders and provides support for Avisynth and VapourSynth input.

Download Simple x264x265 Launcher 2018 Latest

Wipe attribute lineup and supported file formats

You're welcomed with a user friendly design which lets you add files from the working environment employing the built-in navigate button or drag-and-drop assistance.

The utility works with the following file formats: AVS, VPY, MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, Y4M, and YUV. Additionally, you can have a look at the log which includes detailed information regarding the encoding tasks, see data regarding the present project (status and advancement), in addition to begin, pause or abort the job.

Setting up a new encoding task

Simple x264/x265 Launcher provides you the chance to configure a new job by defining the input and output signal. You are allowed to choose between two video encoders (AVC and HEVC), pick the architecture mode that suits you best (32- or 64-bit version), as well as select the variant (8- or 10-bit).

If it comes to tweaking the speed control, you might change the manner (CRF, CQ, 2-pass or ABR), input a personalized CRF worth, and modify the target bitrate.

Standard encoder options enable you to choose between several preset parameters (e.g. Moderate, fast, extremely fast (slow), employs tuning effects (e.g. Picture, cartoon, grain, still picture), and pick the profile (e.g. Baseline, chief, large). Advanced encoder attributes permit you to input custom encoder parameters.

Moreover, the program provides you the liberty to store the current configuration information to a file so it is easy to import and employ it on your future encoding jobs, in addition to begin the generated job instantly. Batch processing can be on the feature list and may be used for communicating multiple documents at precisely the exact same moment.


Tests have revealed that the program carries out a job fairly quickly and provides very good output success. But, in regards to dealing with big files, the application may require additional time to complete the encoding.

You're on the safe side where concerns that the quality of the videos that are processed, but you ought to be aware that your computer's overall performance could be mitigated, as Simple x264/x265 Launcher requires a massive amount of CPU and memory to be able to bring the activity to a finish.

A powerful and reliable video encoder

After all, Simple x264/x265 Launcher gives an intuitive GUI for communicating multimedia documents. The user friendly design makes it appropriate for all sorts of users, irrespective of their experience degree. On the other hand, the configuration settings concealed beneath its hood may somewhat difficult to digest for first-time customers.

In general, Simple x264/x265 Launcher is a dependable and effective video encoder which has an intuitive GUI for encoding multimedia documents. The design is easy on the eyes, making it convenient for customers of all levels of experience, from novice to pro. That having been said, a number of these config settings may be tough to get to grips with for novice users and about the downside that the program does not leave a tiny footprint and it will hammer your system tools unless you're in charge of a powerhouse PC.
Software Information
Latest Version Simple x264/x265 Launcher 2.85
Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Author / Product Mulder / Muldersoft
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