Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 Latest Version

Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 Latest Version - Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Free Web Browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google, Yahoo and Bing search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online. You can download Firefox for PC offline installer from our site by clicking on the free download button.

Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 Latest Version

Other recent changes include the introduction of Quantum Compositor to improve stability, redesigned tabs, which are more informative, and compact themes for those who likes to change the look of their browser.

User experience
The stability of the browser may have been improved in recent updates, but little has been done to boost the performance which continues to feel lackluster. The menu system is horrible, feeling like it has been designed for a smartphone rather than a desktop computer. It's also hard to ignore the dated look of Firefox. There's the promise of themes to jazz things up a bit, but they don't generally address the weak interface design; they're little more than a lick of paint on top.

On the positive side, site rendering is generally excellent, and the range of extensions to increase functionality is also impressive.

Latest updates
The latest version of Firefox uses multiple operating system processes for web page content to achieve a better balance between performance and resource usage. For full details, see the Firefox release history.

Have more done -- faster with Firefox:

Bang for your bytes
No one enjoys a pc hog! Firefox is a slim, mean (actually we're very nice) browsing machine. We also use less memory than Chrome, so it is easier for your personal computer to keep running other programs without being weighed down.

All of the tabs, nothing of the lags
Multi-tasking with multiple tabs just received easier. Firefox is now a multi-process internet browser, which means that your tabs stay fresh and won't take forever to reload. With 86% less hang time, it's simple to tab hop even while you open up more.

Rack up those XPs
We led the tech to run 3D game titles at near-native rates of speed, and today Firefox is bringing better performance to online gaming. Our powerful internet browser reduces lags, boosts ping times, and optimizes overall gameplay through faster, leaner browsing.

Leave no trace
Sharing is nurturing, but that should be your call. Firefox Private Surfing around automatically erases your web info like passwords, cookies, and record from your computer. In order that when you close out, you leave no track. Download Firefox for Computer offline installer Now!

Trackers have zero chill
Some websites and advertisements attach invisible trackers that acquire your surfing info long after you have still left. Only Firefox Private Surfing has tracking safeguard to stop them automatically, so you can search with peace of mind.

Drop the advertising baggage
Not merely do trackers collect info, they can consider down your browsing rates of speed. Only Firefox Private Surfing block advertising with hidden trackers, and that means you can drop the baggage and browse freely.

No strings attached
Firefox is built with a non-profit. That means we can do things that others can't, like build services and features without a hidden agenda. We are champing your right to privacy with tools like Private Surfing around with Tracking Security, which go beyond what Google Stainless and Microsoft Edge offer.

Everything you see is what you get
We believe the Internet is for folks, not profit. Unlike others, we don't sell access to your data. You're in control over who sees your search and browsing record. Choice-- that's what a healthy Internet is focused on!

A browser over a mission
Firefox is a web browser with a conscience. As part of the technology non-profit Mozilla, we struggle for your web rights, keep commercial powers in check, and help instruct developing countries on healthy Internet procedures. So when you choose Firefox, we're choosing you, too.

Take note: Firefox support for Windows XP and Home windows Vista continues to be available trough Firefox ESR (Extenderd Support Release). Download Mozilla Firefox 2018 Latest Version.
Software Information
Latest Version Firefox 56.0.1
Requirements Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product Mozilla Organization / Firefox
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