Download HeavyLoad 2018 Latest Version

Download HeavyLoad 2018 Latest Version - Bring your PC to its limits using the freeware stress evaluation tool HeavyLoad. HeavyLoad places your server or workstation PC beneath a heavy load and permits you to check whether they will still operate reliably.

Download HeavyLoad 2018 Latest Version

The individual evaluation methods employed by HeavyLoad may be customized to meet your requirements. On a system comprising multiple processor cores, as an instance, you can pick how a lot of the available cores will be utilized or set the rate where the evaluation document is to be written in your own hard disk drive. Enjoy.

HeavyLoad Features:

Anxiety CPU

Take advantage of your chip or possibly a particular number of processor cores to complete capacity.

Compose Test File

Assess how your system works when confronted with a dwindling disk area. HeavyLoad writes an evaluation file into your hard disk using varying rate. It is possible to specify the total amount of remaining disk space; after this limit is attained, HeavyLoad overwrites the document over and over until more disk space is freed up.

Allocate Memory

You'd love to check how well your PC works with scarce memory? HeavyLoad will help: it reserves memory and also permits you to specify how much memory ought to be stored free and just how quickly the memory ought to be allocated.

Simulate Disc Accesses

Just how much does your hard disk shoot? Is it dependable? With a combo of both HeavyLoad as well as the scanning function of TreeSize Free, it is possible to find out now. HeavyLoad simulates a range of hits on folders and files on all regional disks.

Anxiety GPU

How can your graphics card manage stress? Using HeavyLoad you can use your image card chip to capacity.

Use HeavyLoad anyplace 

Be mobile: Install HeavyLoad as a portable version, e.g. On a USB stick and use it wherever needed!
Software Information
Latest Version HeavyLoad
Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product JAM Software / HeavyLoad
HeavyLoad 2018 Latest Version Link Installer
Windows Installer -  | Free Download

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