Download ALLPlayer 2018 Latest Version

ALLPlayer is an audio and video tutorial player that captured our attention thanks to a fairly resourceful set of skills. It provides support for most popular types, and allows users to adjust adjustments and resort to useful tools. The program's not that bad looking either.

Download ALLPlayer 2018 Latest Version

Customizable installer

The setup treatment is short and, by default, includes all ALLPlayer components, particularly subtitles from, Catzilla (a benchmarking tool made by the same builder) and a remote controller for Android devices, as well as the core files.

Also, it uses the already installed codecs to try out movies. However, any of these modules can be excluded from set up. In the next stages, it enables users to pick the preferred UI design.

At startup, the software offers to turn on smart subtitles, a feature made to intelligently change the subtitle screen time and energy to the user's reading speed.

Comfortable program and supported media

The main request home window has a minimalist look. Standard media player control buttons are displayed in the bottom of the display, allowing users to pause, continue and stop videos, adapt the quantity level, repeat the existing monitor, enter full display method (even on multiple screens), create playlists, and more. After creating playlists, they could be saved to file and imported later.

ALLPlayer supports sound and video data files, including DVD movies and audio CDs that can be read directly from discs. It isn't explicit about the types of data it can download, but we've pointed out that 3GP, AVI, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, M2TS, MP4, 3GP, VOB, MPG, MP3, OGG, WAV and AC3 are among them.

It can also play video from URLs and contains a personal database with movies that can be viewed online. For Dvd and Blu-ray movies you'll be able to insert chapters, change existing ones or replace them in the menu.

Video, sound and subtitle settings

It is possible to increase or decrease the display size, change the aspect percentage, flip or rotate the image, adapt the lighting and contrast, switch to night eyesight or high definition method (where this can be obtained), take snapshots and save images to JPG documents.

So far as the sound can be involved, users may holiday resort to an equalizer to apply presets or customized settings, start a sound visualization, as well as modified the speaker method and audio end result device.

Supported subtitle document extensions include TXT, SUB, SRT and SSA. Settings can be produced in the font name, color, size and width of shape around the written text, time of subtitles viewed on the display screen (in mere seconds), distance of subtitles from underneath advantage, maximum subtitles width completely screen mode, with their transparency level.

A significant feature earlier mentioned is the fact that ALLPlayer can automatically search the well-known subtitle data source for lacking subtitles.

Users may take advantage of another noteworthy feature of the application, namely its ability to automatically switch off the monitor, leave (this program) or ability off the Personal computer once the current playback has ended.

Program preferences

ALLPlayer is with the capacity of automatically downloading, lacking codecs after specifying a vocabulary for the server and scanning the computer. Experienced users can consult a list with available codecs and choose the ones to consider while excluding the others.

Other advanced options may be tweaked too. For example, the tool can be asked to show OSD sizing completely screen mode, start in full screen setting, save the positioning for all films, and screen additional information on the keep an eye on, like the clip's length of time, fps, CPU use, and clock.

In addition, users can make document associations, reconfigure keyboard shortcuts for important functions, as well as get a movie's cover from data file or IMDB, amongst others.
Software Information
Latest Version ALLPlayer 7.4
Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product ALLCinema Ltd / ALLPlayer
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