Download 3uTools 2018 Latest Version

Flash various firmwares to your IOS device or jailbreak it by relying on this handy application that comes with several useful functions

Possessing an IOS device may ask that you change it in a variety of ways, to circumvent certain restrictions and unlock a few additional capabilities.

Flashing other firmware versions or jailbreaking may be the answer you're searching for if you end up in the above mentioned situation, however that requires specialized resources. For this reason, you can depend on dedicated software alternatives, like 3uTools, which includes a huge array of helpful tools.

Download 3uTools 2018 Latest Version

Be aware that this program requires iTunes so as to be planned.

Easy to set up program with user friendly interface

This app can be installed in your personal computer with minimal difficulty, since it doesn't need any extra setup on your part. It includes a sleek user interface which encircles its core capabilities in a fantastic way so that you can get them readily.

However, you need to have medium PC knowledge and a good understanding of flashing firmware and jailbreaking IOS devices, so that you can make use of its capabilities entirely.

Access to advanced or simple flashing capacities, Depending upon Your needs

3uTools permits you to flash different firmware versions for your iOS apparatus by supplying you with various methods of doing this. It's possible to get a fundamental flashing tool which just requires you to decide on the desired firmware, toggle user information deletion off or on and click on the Flash button.

As an alternative, you can decide on a more intricate feature which lets you configure advanced parameters like SHSH query, activation, System partition dimensions or baseband upgrade jump.

Jailbreak your iOS Device without effort

Additionally, you may jailbreak your iOS apparatus in a handy manner if you would like to unlock a collection of additional, helpful capacities. Reaching this will be possible by clicking on the corresponding purpose, picking an appropriate firmware and adhering to the port directions.

To sum this up, 3uTools is a group of helpful iOS flashing and jailbreaking applications which has a slick user interface and lets you run it effortlessly.
Software Information
Latest Version 3uTools 2.16
Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product 3uTools Team / 3uTools
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