Wireless Network Watcher Download Latest Version

Wireless Network Watcher is a small utility for finding wireless networks/Wi-Fi around you and display a list of all the computers and devices that are currently connected to the network. For each computer or device that is connected to your network, the following information is displayed: IP address, MAC address, a company that produces network card, and optionally the name of the computer.

Although this utility was officially designed for wireless networks, this Freeware can also be used for the small wired network. Download and extract the program to a folder and run the file WNetWather. After the application is run, then automatically detect wireless network adapter if you guys and to display a list of computers and devices connected to a wireless network.

Wireless Network Watcher Download Latest Version

If this application fails to detect the wireless network adapter, then can choose another from the adapter advanced options by pressing the F9 key. Although it is designed to search for a wireless network, but can also be used to display network that is connected with wires. You can also export the list of devices that connect to the html/xml/csv/text file, or copy the list into the clipboard and then paste into Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Even when your cordless network is shielded by a security password, there's a chance that someone has been able to hook up to it without your knowledge. Now, if you are especially charitable and do not head slower internet rates of speed so others can enjoy your web free of charge, then keep on. If you're like me, however, and want to selfishly benefit from the internet, you purchase at full quickness, then Cellular Network Watcher is the tool you will need.

A check has been said

Using Cordless Network Watcher is easy, just open this program and it scans your network showing all the linked devices. Within occasions you can view any unwanted site visitors. Cellular Network Watcher also provides information regarding the intruder, including IP, Mac, PC router, and kind of user.

It isn't perfect, however. In our tests, Cordless Network Watcher didn't find every device on our (admittedly large) network on the first check, demanding repeated checks to obtain a full picture.

Simple to use

Also, Cordless Network Watcher is merely a window into the network. It provides no warning and no solution to obstruct or ban intruders. Instead, it just teaches you that action must be studied - but only once you be sure you look.

Within the plus side, Cellular Network Watcher is very simple to use. You merely have to go through the button in its toolbar or press the F5 key. Scanning is nearly instantaneous and cumulative, with already uncovered computers left over on the list and new ones being added.

An excellent Wi-Fi guardian

Regardless of the problems mentioned, Cellular Network Watcher is a superb tool to guard your Wi-Fi network. In the event that you believe that someone is leaching off your interconnection, do not think twice to download it.


Added 'Device Options' windows (Ctrl+F9), that allows you to improve the beep/holder balloon configuration for each and every device separately

Software Information:

Latest Version:
Wireless Network Watcher 2.13

Windows XP 64 / Vista 64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Author / Product:
Nir Sofer / Wireless Network Watcher

Download Wireless Network Watcher Latest Version

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