Subtitles Translator 2017 Free Download for Windows

Softpedya - Subtitles Translator is a good, A user-friendly program that helps you translate subtitles (SUB or simple text extendable) in one language to another, and will be offering support for editing and enhancing operations, only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Video recording software with subcategory Movie & DivX (more specifically Subtitles).

Subtitles Translator 2017 Free Download for Windows

The program is freeware. It really is for worldwide public use. You may use it in any manner you want as long as you do not change it in any way. You may disperse it and help other folks, who like their friends a great deal that they spend hell lot of a time translating subtitles because of their favorite films.The software new version It's designed for users with the operating system Glass windows 95 and prior variants, and you will download it only in English.

About the download, Subtitles Translator is a not that heavy software that doesn't take up as much space than the common program in the section Training video software. It's a very popular program in many countries such as Indonesia, India, and Egypt.

Because the program was put into our catalog in 2011, they have obtained 54,051 downloads, and the other day it achieved 99 installations. Subtitles Translator 2017 Free Download for Windows

What News for Subtitles Translator 2017

  1. Completely rewritten movie player part - new internal ActiveX control from VisioForge.
  2. Multiple music tracks within file container supported together with quick switching inside the application form.
  3. Better algorithm for resizing video window to fit the real aspect ratio.
  4. Fixed bug causing to fail update the position bar when moving over between the grids with Tabs key.
  5. Fixed insect causing wrong number of picked rows in position bar when choosing from first row.
  6. Fixed minimal bugs.

A user-friendly program that can help you translate subtitles (SUB or plain text extendable) in one language to another, while offering support for editing operations.
Subtitles Translator can be an application that aids users in translating subtitles from one language to some other. It discounts mainly with the MicroDVD format (.SUB), but it can also process text documents.

How it operates
Before you get your desires up and think that there's some type of magic in this software, you need to know that the translation is situated primarily on your time and efforts and terminology knowledge.

The program offers formatting options and frame numbering, but is not a translator in itself. Even so, there are some benefits to Subtitles Translator that aren't that easy to come across in such applications.

The features of being lightweight and GUI
There's no set up process; just decompress the archive and start it. The interface is quite standard, yet small and user-friendly. A couple of two panels populating the key windows: one for the initial record and one for the translated words and some menus that add a selection of options.

Editing operations
Consumption is not complicated however, not simple either. Therefore, beginners should check out the help document first, to get familiar with all the features. There's something amazing about Subtitles Translator - the actual fact that it gives you to execute line-by-line editing. Which means that there is no way the translation is likely to be delayed; by translating one series at the same time, there can't be any synchronization issues between your original subtitles and the result ones.

Extra features to play with
Other choices include insert / remove / merge lines, find / replace / slice / duplicate and series renumbering. Furthermore, the translations can be previewed directly inside movies via the 'Enable Screen' feature. So far as configuration can be involved, you can customise the appearance of the software, subtitle display, various computer keyboard shortcuts and autosave function.

Bottom line
To conclude, Subtitles Translator offers a reliable software solution for helping you create your own subtitles. However, you should keep in mind you are the translator and not the application.
Software Information

Current version: 
2.00 (

Package size:
1.38 MB

Home Page:

Subtitles Translator 2017 Free Download for Windows

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