Wise Disk Cleaner 2017 Latest Version Free Download

Softpedya - Wise Disk Cleaner cleans non permanent files, background, cookies and auto complete form background of WEB BROWSER, Stainless-, Firefox and Safari web browsers. And it takes away of Windows rubbish data files, such as Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Short lived data and Log data. This freeware tool cleans far more data files than most similar products and carries a "lose fat" setting that eliminates a whole lot of extraneous things including wallpapers and other House windows files you might never use. A drive defrag feature is also included free of charge.

Wise Disk Cleaner 2017 Latest Version Free Download
Wise Disk Cleaner 9.46 

Wise Disk Cleaner 2017 Latest Version Free Download - To keep your computer's performance remains optimal, one of the basic habits that you must apply is diligently clean your HD to ensure Your HD clean. Wise Disk Cleaner is an automated application that lets it without much problem. The application automatically scans the system and look for file types and display them so that you can decide to delete or not.

Old files, temporary files, logs, backup obsolete, all these occupy valuable space that should be occupied by another program or better empty so the machine will run better. In addition, the program has an interface that is very intuitive and interactive so you will be easier to perform maintenance.

Why choose Wise Disk Cleaner?

Safely Cleans Up Ineffective Data and Makes YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER Run Faster

Over time, rubbish files, short-term data files, all types of system data and other items you certainly do not need whatsoever accumulate on your House windows Computer. Those worthless documents take up valuable hard disk drive space and decelerate your personal computer. Wise Disk Cleaner can erase these unnecessary data on your hard disk drive to release drive space and make your personal computer run faster. In addition, it provides many custom options to permit advanced users to completely clean up more documents they don't really need. Built with advanced algorithms, Wise Disk Cleaner can check out and take them off within seconds, so that it is one of the very most efficient disk cleansers out there.

Cleans Internet Record and Other Traces on your PC - Safeguarding Your Privacy

Wise Disk Cleaner can clean Internet histories, cache data files, and cookies of WEB BROWSER, Stainless, Firefox, Opera and Safari web browsers. It also picks up and cleans all the traces triggered by Glass Windows System, components and other applications. By detaching each one of these traces carefully, your level of privacy will be well guarded from prying sight.

Improve your Personal Computer performance by defragging and re-arranging documents on your own Disk

Your hard drive is certain to get fragmented as time passes. Fragmentation makes your hard disk drive do extra work that can decelerate your personal computer. The 'Drive Defrag' feature of Wise Disk Cleaner can rearrange fragmented data which means that your disks and drives could work better. 'Drive Defrag' offers you a definite graphic graph of the decided to drive, helping you discover the drive use instantly. You can even utilize it to investigate and defragment any exterior storage devices.

Scheduled Automatic Drive Cleaning

You can place Wise Disk Cleaner to completely clean the disk on the daily, every week, or monthly timetable relating to your own need. Wise Disk Cleaner will automatically tidy up the useless data in the backdrop when the planned time is up. In configurations, you can also build a 'Clean with 1-click' icon and stick it on the desktop. With this feature, you can tidy up the junk documents by just visiting the icon without starting Wise Disk Cleaner.

Freeware & Low CPU Usage

Wise Disk Cleaner Free is totally free. Anyone can download it free of charge and revel in free automated revise and tech support team by email. Even better, Wise Disk Cleaner is a tiny and absolutely virus-free program that uses hardly any system resource.

Wise Disk Cleaner 2017 Latest Version Free Download

Latest Version:
Wise Disk Cleaner 9.46

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Author / Product:

WiseCleaner / Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner 2017 Latest Version Free Download

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