Virtualbox Exe 2017 Free Download Latest Version

Softpedya - VirtualBox is free software belongs to the Oracle that its main function is to visualize a or multiple operating systems (OS) in our primary operating system. So you don't have to have a lot of computers to use or test multiple operating systems. Because this Software allows you to run Linux in Windows and vice versa. This software also allows you to install any other operating system or extra and run together on top of the operating system.

VirtualBox virtual units made in HD where the virtual OS installed and you can access them if you run it. The unit can have a fixed or a dynamic hard drive size.

Virtualbox Exe 2017 Free Download Latest Version

Currently you can virtualize: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Linux 2.4, Linux 2.6, OS/2 Warp, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, DOS/Windows 3.x, etc.

There are many advantages when virtualizing because you can access and execute an application that only runs under a particular OS while using the other. Save time, don't need restart the machine to use that other OS.

For example, if someone has a Windows operating system installed on their computers, then it can also run other operating systems is desired in the Windows operating system. Virtualbox Exe 2017 Free Download Latest Version

This functionality is very important if you want to do the test and simulation of a system installation without having to lose your existing systems. Presently, VirtualBox on OS support Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris host and supports most of the latest operating system. This application comes with an intuitive interface that allows the user to add a new virtual machine and chose OS they want (either Solaris, Windows, Linux, BSD or Mac OS X), as well as the proper version. The next step includes a new virtual machine puts the amount of RAM and HDD space, as well as the type of dynamic storage or default. Virtualbox Exe 2017 Free Download Latest Version.

The Benefits of Virtualization

Below are some of the benefits of studying Virtualization:

Virtualization methods for lay people can be utilized to learn to install the operating system without the need to change the contents of the partition hard disk can to try the operating system without the need to install it permanently into the hard drive. Save hardware costs, no need to buy a lot of computers to use multiple operating systems at once

Some of the new features of Oracle VM VirtualBox are:

Paravirtualization support for modern Glass windows and Linux guests

Oracle VM VirtualBox can expose a paravirtualization user interface to facilitate appropriate and successful execution of software. After the virtual machine system is identified, Oracle VM VirtualBox increases guest OS shows by leveraging built-in virtualization support (KVM on Linux friends and Hyper-V on House windows guests).

xHCI controller to aid USB 3.0 devices

Guest os's can now directly understand USB 3.0 devices and operate at full 3.0 rates of speed. Guest is now able to be configured to make use of USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 devices.

Improved Pull & Drop support

Beginning with Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 improved upon the support of the bi-directional move&drop between visitor and host operating-system; move and drop support can be acquired with latest guest-additions installed.

Drive image encryption

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 permits encrypted virtual drive images by leveraging AES algorithm in XTS setting (128-little bit or 256-tad); because the DEK is stored within the virtual machine settings file, encryption presents an additional security feature that will require a security password while starting the digital machine.

Headless and Detachable start options

Oracle VM VirtualBox now helps starting electronic machines in the backdrop with another front-end process that may be closed as the virtual machine is constantly on the work.

Virtualbox Exe 2017 Free Download Latest Version

Software Information

Latest Version:
VirtualBox 5.1.20

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Author / Product:
Oracle / Oracle VM VirtualBox

Virtualbox Exe 2017 Free Download Latest Version

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