Free Download Fotosketcher Software

Softpedya - FotoSketcher can be an interesting design tool that can change your digital photographs into artwork, all in a couple of seconds. This is not exactly a fresh idea - almost every design editor, has a "water, shade" or "oil painting" filtration - but FotoSketcher needs it beyond most, with an increase of effects and significant amounts of control over the done results.

There's support for most different pulling styles, for case: pencil sketches (dark and white, and coloring), pen and printer ink, nine different painting results, pixellation, colored dots, and much more.

Free Download Fotosketcher Software

Free Download Fotosketcher Software - Whatever style you select can be customized in many various ways. When making a watercolor, say, you can tweak color level, image simplification (the amount of details in the picture), brushstrokes power and the entire strength of the result. You can even darken or brighten the image to flavor, soften sides, change the surface, even put in a frame.

Certainly it's hard in order to beforehand what these configurations should be, but it doesn't really subject. Just pick a choice, pull its slider left or right, watch the result in the preview screen and stop tweaking if you are happy.

If you have found several settings that you truly like they can be preserved for easy recall later. And a batch control option, then enables you to convert complete folders of images to fashionable artwork in simply a few minutes, so long as they're JPEGs, PNGs or BMP data files (unfortunately this program doesn't support other forms).

FotoSketcher 3.30 brings:

  • New draggable cursor to interrupt an impact at x% (useful for a few effects where in fact the end result can be interesting before achieving 100%)
  • Probability to fill your own brushes for Painting 10 (in transparent .png format) and render with double larger brushstrokes
  • New abstract impact (ideal for desktop wallpapers or mobile and tablet backgrounds)

A robust program with lots of ways to improve your favorite digital photos

Free Download Fotosketcher Software

Latest Version:
FotoSketcher 3.30 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Author / Product:
David Thoiron / FotoSketcher

 Free Download Fotosketcher Software

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